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BlackBird Ensemble


It would be our honor to be invited to play music in a wedding that you are planning. Located in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, we are willing to commute around the area to get to your wedding. Most ceremonial wedding groups run anywhere from $500-1,000, we can give you a better deal for your money. The Blackbird Ensemble understands that we are not professionals, therefore our players are willing to play for experience and a little compensation. But, we will guareetee that you are happy with our music or we will give you your money back. 

Ensemble Type

Since we are a high school group, we boast people with all different talents. We WILL find a combination of musicians to fit to your need


We offer classic string quartets, duets, soloists, or any other combination you can think of. Our string players are all tested to be able to perform the music that you request


With a full band at school, we have players on every instrument that the band offers including trumpet, french horn, clarinet, percussion, flute and many others.


Our singers will blow your mind away. Featuring many vocalists, every singer can make a song come to life

With all the variation that we have to offer it can seem like a nightmare finding the music combination for your wedding. This is why we have helped you out

Start off with a string quartet or duo for ceremonial music and add singers or band members if necessary. Most wedding choose to only have a string quartet

Music Selection

Your wedding day is YOUR day. Everything should be perfect and just the way you want it. Following this basic idea, we give you the freedom to choose the music that we play with help from our ensemble consultants to guareentee satisfaction. We are happy to arrange music for a small fee as well. From classic Mozart and "Here comes the Bride" to contempary music. We will try to do it all!

If you want guidance, we will be there for you. With a library of music at our disposal we can make suggestions of popular wedding music for us to play. 

Contact Us


Feel free to e-mail Vivian at

About Us:

The Blackbird Ensemble is a group of high school music student located in Saline, Michigan that have a love for creating beauty through our music. It's our goal to spread the joy of music to everyone. 

With a passion for music we hope to share it with you at your wedding.

Players in this ensemble have a minimum of 5 years of experience and some of us have been playing since we were 3 years old!

Involved in school orchestras and bands, ensemble members are also a part of Saline Fiddlers/Fiddlers Restrung. Some of the members offer private lessons as well

While, none of us are professional players yet, we have many aspiring  members that are planning to major in music in college.